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Understanding motivation is the key to unlocking people's potential.  We are all motivated by different things.  Understanding what motivates us is CRUCIAL to supporting our wellbeing and mental health, our performance and our achievement.

  • Are you a business wanting to support staff engagement and wellbeing?
  • Do you want to know how to increase engagement and motivation for adults and young people who are disengaged?
  • Are you a school looking to support and monitor staff and pupils motivation and mental health?
  • Are you a parent wanting to unlock your child's motivation?
  • Do you want to train your team to support others engagement and motivation?

Let us show you how.

Don't just take our word for it!

We know the power of understanding what motivates you and the difference this makes for our clients. However, we love it even more when we hear it from others.   That's why we are sharing this testimonial we recently received from Katherine Jennick of What's your Strengths.


Young people today have so many challenges

As a parent, you want what is best for your child. We work with children age 9 and upwards giving you the insight to understand what makes your child ‘tick’ and provide effective, simple, easy to implement strategies to engage your child.


Motivated and engaged students and teachers achieve more

We work with you to understand what motivates your teachers and students to improve results, increase attendance and engagement and help your school or college and most importantly, your students, achieve more.


Successful businesses need engaged and energised staff

Understanding and developing your greatest asset, your staff, is the key to a happy, healthy and productive workforce. Increase engagement, reduce staff turnover and sickness absence and achieve more today.

We make motivation simple 

We are passionate about enabling people to shine.

Working with schools, colleges, youth development organisations, parents and guardians, and focusing on motivation, we support people to improve self-awareness, relationships and engagement. Whether we got out of bed to go to school, college or work, we do so because we are motivated. Until now, it has been hard to identify what it is that gives us that energy.


We work with individuals, schools and businesses, to develop your understanding of intrinsic motivation. We assist leadership teams in recruiting, managing, developing and retaining, motivated and engaged staff.


Plain Sailing also helps people to find motivating and enjoyable careers for you personally, or your team or organisation.


Our focus is on working towards positive outcomes for challenges such as individual wellbeing for children and adults, high staff turnover, poor attendance and conflict management in the workplace, and team management challenges and supporting pupils in schools, to name a few. We do this by using Motivational Maps® to identify individual’s motivators and give them strategies to maintain and improve their motivation – resulting in happier, more engaged individuals and improved performance.

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"Thank you Sarah for a really interesting session with our two teenage daughters. The questionnaire was simple for them to complete but the report was really comprehensive – as well as reinforcing things we already knew, it provided some really useful food for thought on their motivators (including, interestingly, how they can use this insight to push and develop themselves further). I really was impressed with your style and approach and how you engaged with them. Thanks again for a really helpful session."
- Gill Bonello, Parent

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