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Your greatest asset is your team. Developing their potential is the key to a happy, healthy and productive workforce. Mapping individual and team motivation can support with personal development, team building, career development, and performance management.


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Recruiting Motivated staff

Would you normally spend £100,000* without investing a huge amount of time and research?
Most of the time, when you identify a new role that is needed or someone tells you they are leaving, you want to recruit as quickly as possible.

However, recruiting someone with the right skills and knowledge for the role is one thing - recruiting someone with the right skills and knowledge who is motivated in the right way to support your business and who will be a great fit with YOUR business is something else.

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*based on a £30k per annum salary over 3 years

increasing motivation, engagment and mental health


Motivation is key to the high performance of individuals & teams

High performance is the result of everyone having:

  1. Clear objectives
  2. The correct level of skills for the role
  3. A high level of motivation

Managers can ensure teams have SMART objectives and can recruit staff with the correct skills for the role. However, is not so easy to work out what motivates individuals to come to work. If someone has poor levels of motivation this affects their own health and happiness as well as their performance at work. It also directly impacts on the team’s performance, affecting its ability to provide a high-quality service.

We work with managers and their teams, mapping individuals, providing 1-1 support and delivering workshops to improve individuals understanding of their own motivators, their colleagues’ and their clients or customers, improving relationships, performance and wellbeing. Contact us to find out more.

Poor motivation can lead to high staff turnover and high absence rates. These increase pressure on other staff, increase recruitment costs, and impact directly on a team’s ability to meet its objectives and remain within department budgets.

Until now, it has been very difficult to measure motivation and to know exactly what motivates individuals, and while some people know what motivates them, others are not so aware of their drivers.

Motivational Maps® provide a unique system to enable people, teams and organisations to understand, measure and maximise their motivations and performance. The Mapping tool is not a personality test or a psychometric profiling tool. It is a self-perception inventory, which gives an insight into the core motivation of a person and “what makes them tick”. Unlike personality, people’s motivations change so mapping should be repeated on a regular basis. They add another key dimension to the appraisal or performance review process.

Maps provide a motivation and management diagnostic that enables organisations to understand, motivate and lead their employees more effectively, the bottom line being that these diagnostics have a dual effect: the individuals completing them become more self-aware, happier and more productive, while leaders understand what needs to be done to boost performance and thereby increase positive outcomes.

Maps are a key tool for personal development, enabling people to understand what they need from work to realise their full potential. Understanding the different motivators and how they impact on people’s ways of working can help managers resolve conflict within teams, reducing stress points and increasing individual’s health and wellbeing at work.

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"I attended Sarah’s Motivational Mapping Workshop as part of a team training day. I have completed a number of behavioural, personality and NLP assessments and training sessions but I found the Motivational Mapping to be the most valuable and useful because it helped me to understand a vital and fundamental question: what makes me get out of bed in the morning and go to work?!

Aside from helping me to identify and understand my own key motivations, the session also helped us all to understand one another’s motivations and how we can relate to our colleagues in the workplace.

It was a very interesting topic that was delivered in a fun and engaging way, and everyone in the team left with a new way of thinking and approaching their work and career objectives. I think that for managers it is essential to understand what motivates their staff in order to really get the best out of people and to maintain a happy and dynamic workplace."

John Constable
Fundraising, Development, Membership & Value Propositions
Wildlife Trust

recruitment support

Whether you are a new business recruiting your first employees or an established or growing business needing to review your recruitment procedures we can help.

We work with you to establish what skills and expertise you require from a new recruit. We also look at the type of person you need for your particular business or organisation. From there, we work with you to plan a recruitment campaign to support you to get the right person into your business.

With the huge changes brought along by social media, recruitment practices are changing. No longer is it a case of placing an advert in the local paper. There are huge numbers of recruitment websites available and prices vary widely. Which are the best ones, which are the free ones and importantly, which ones work? We can help you to identify the best options for you, relevant to the role that you are recruiting to.

We are skilled recruiters and can manage your recruitment campaigns or advice on any or all stages of the recruitment process, including interviewing and induction. We can review and improve your recruitment procedures to attract the right person for each role and deliver a positive experience for applicants throughout the process.

We offer tailored recruitment training for managers which covers all aspects of the recruitment process including induction and management of new staff to enable them to address issues and concerns effectively during probationary periods.

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" The Mapping report was very accurate and made me realise that my decision to leave my last role was the right one. Many of things that demotivated me were included within it. The mapping report has made me realise the things I do like to do and what I don't like and to do those first."
Jane, Cirencester Housing

Employee Relations

Happy Team

are you struggling with people issues at work?

Running a business of any size is challenging. The success of the business depends upon all those involved sharing the same vision, goals and working together to achieve them. Your people are your biggest asset and your biggest cost. When difficult people issues arise, many people try to avoid conflict and issues are often ignored until ignoring them is no longer an option. We are knowledgeable and confident in interpreting employment law in the workplace. We ensure the most appropriate outcome for your organisation and the individuals involved.

We can work with you to identify the issues and look for the best way to resolve them. These can include poor performance, high staff turnover, low morale, sickness absence.

We can work with you in a number of ways, supporting you either with one-off issues or working alongside you on a retainer basis.

We work with you to successfully resolve complicated employee relations issues, reducing legal fees and safeguarding organisations from employment tribunal Claims and negative publicity.


"The Motivational Mapping workshop was one of the most enlightening & practical training workshops the fundraising team have participated in this year.

Following the workshop, which was both enjoyable and interactive, the team have immediately incorporated this new way of thinking into their everyday approach to working with colleagues and developing supporter communications. It has helped us to understand each other so much better.

The motivational mapping exercise has given the team a much more creative and effective way to approach project planning and management.

As a Manager, it has given me deeper insight and understanding of my team members and how our individual interactions can help to support and motivate each other. It’s been a great tool in prompting me to look more creatively at how we approach our communications and project management in the team.

Amanda Spivack
Head of Fundraising, Wildlife Trust BCN
Chair, Institute of Fundraising, East Anglia Region

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