Understanding Motivation to Thrive

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I'd love to hear from you so if you have any questions do get in touch.  You can get me at sarah@plainsailingmotivation.co.uk or on 07816178616.


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Do you want to know what makes your child tick?

I work with children from age 7 upwards.  We have a youth version of our motivational profiling tool that enables us to discover not only what makes your child tick but to see if they need any further support to improve their engagement, well-being and learning.  


I support young people to make the best choice about their options, next steps or jobs based on their strengths and motivators and not just what they are good at as this can be very different.

Click here to book https://calendly.com/plain-sailing-motivation/career-explorer-cam-network or contact us to discuss.

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