Positively Empowered Kids Wellbeing Day



Friday 15th May is International Day of Families. Positively Empowered Kids is hosting a FREE day of inspiring international educators, speakers and experts delivering a range of engaging, interactive and fun activities LIVE on Facebook in celebration of amazing families all over the world.

You will hear from bestselling authors, children’s well-being experts, and parenting experts, alongside home education activities, family fun and mindful meditation throughout the day. We finish with a fun family quiz in the evening.

Speakers including: Paul McGee, Sue Atkins, Steve Judge, Adrian Bethune (Full list in notes to editor)

This event is for families who are home educating children from 4-12yrs (younger and older will benefit too!) and professionals interested in children’s well-being.


During COVID-19, we have seen a huge lack of resilience in our communities, and there is an amplified mental health crisis brewing behind closed doors. Already we know there is a sharp increase in calls around domestic abuse, suicide (SKY News 14/4/20) and we have to take action to support families on a bigger scale to heal from the trauma, and psychological effects, develop stronger resilience by giving them the tools to navigate lockdown and beyond.

This event has been created in response to this need. Home education is something many parents are struggling with and our aim is to inspire, educate and empower families to develop skills for life by discovering how to grow thriving minds and realise their potential.

“As a parent, I always tell my children how amazing they are but the wonderful thing about Superhero Day was that they realised it for themselves. The activities helped them to see that their kindness, love and uniqueness were their own super powers!”

Katherine Jennick, parent to Dilly & Hattie


Positively Empowered Kids is a social enterprise based in Nottingham UK, Claire Clements, Jackie Wilson and Susan Brookes and run by local Mums who are on a mission to support families and their children to develop the skills to navigate life’s adversities more easily. Following closely on the success of our online event recently for National Superhero Day on 28th April together with our equally successful Positively Empowered Kids festival in 2019, we are hosting another online event to our first International audience – an inspirational day for all as an antidote to the current uncertainty families are facing in these challenging times.


Join us on LIVE on Facebook page Positively Empowered Kids from 9:30am – 5:30pm, finishing with a fun family quiz at 7pm.

Notes to Editor:

Positively Empowered Kids was founded in January 2019 by Claire Clements, Jackie Wilson and Susan Brookes and became a social enterprise in Dec 2019. Having successfully run their first festival in Nottingham in June, the social enterprise is growing quickly with 1.2k followers, a growing network group of over 250 experts who work with children’s wellbeing predominantly based in Nottingham and Essex, online events and a family wellbeing platform is also in the planning stages.

With our collaborative approach, we are growing a generation of children who will become effective leaders based on heart-centred leadership, resilience, leading with compassion, living consciously, authentically, rooted in trust, love and kindness. 

This event has been kindly sponsored by Sarah Stones, Motivation Specialist at Plain Sailing, who will also be speaking on the day.


Claire Clements and Jackie Wilson www.positivelyempoweredkids.co.uk

Claire Clements www.positivepants.co.uk

Jackie Wilson www.empowereducation.co.uk

Sarah Stones www.plainsailingmotivation.co.uk

Paul McGee www.thesumoguy.com

Sue Atkins www.thesueatkins.com

Gitte Winter Graugaard (Denmark) www.roomforreflection.com

Sue Curr www.suecurr.com

Amanda Peddle www.insideoutosyp.co.uk

Sue Cooper www.mommworld.org

Alison Knowles www.ollieandhissuperpowers.com

Steve Judge www.steve-judge.co.uk

Paul McGregor www.pmcgregor.com

Adrian Bethune www.teachhappy.co.uk

Jim Cosgrove (America) www.jimcosgrove.com

Co-founders of Positively Empowered Kids

Claire Clements 07709 439280

Jackie Wilson 07982 246072



FB: Positively Empowered Kids – https://www.facebook.com/PEKFestival/