Hello everyone,

I’m overjoyed to share a deeply personal account of my transformative journey with the OMEO from Adaptability. This unique stroke of genius (as featured on Dragon’s Den!) has been a catalyst for intrinsic and extrinsic motivation that has reshaped my world.

Freedom through safe, all-terrain exploration

Picture this: sandy beaches, rugged woodlands, and uncharted paths—these were once distant dreams. Thanks to the OMEO, my world has expanded. The all-terrain capability enables me to go anywhere, and do anything! Places where mobility scooters don’t like at all!

As a Motivation Specialist, Speaker, Coach and Trainer, my life is extremely busy. I often find myself in new places, navigating exciting spaces with new groups of people. The OMEO brings me peace of mind and I feel so safe. It’s easy to move, with minimal strain on my body, which contributes to not just my physical well-being but a motivation to embrace each day with comfort and confidence. It’s fun too!

I’m in full control

The Active Seat Control (ASC) system is a technical marvel. I am in full control of my direction, speed, and braking through the most nuanced body movements. As a hands-free chair, the OMEO gives me the freedom to move with confidence as well as being a daily exercise for my muscles and mind.

Enabling professional mobility

I am always on the move, and beyond my personal adventures, the OMEO empowers my professional life. As a mentor, coach, and trainer, it seamlessly integrates into my routine, allowing me to meet clients, attend seminars, and engage in speaking engagements with ease. Its compact design, hands-free capability, and adaptability make it a versatile companion and so much more than JUST a mobility aid. It’s a reflection of my intrinsic drive to explore, learn, and embrace life’s adventures, coupled with the extrinsic features that make each day a triumph.

Find out more here: https://www.myadaptability.co.uk/omeo