Odd Girl Out – Laura James

#neurodivsity #autism

You know when you pick a new book up and it grips you?  Despite not being on holiday I finished this book within 72 hours as I couldn’t put it down.


What is it about?

It is about the authors life and how eventually having a diagnosis of autism and the support she has received following that diagnosis has given her skills and insights to help her.  It show’s how coaching and having the right support can change our world.


Why I enjoyed it

I am always so keen to learn and understand neuro divergence and be able to support friends and clients in the best way.  There are so many amazing skills that neurodivergent people have – different ways of thinking about things – and each person, just like people who are neurotypicals – is different.  However, the more we read about individuals experiences of living with these differences – be it autism, ADHD, aspergers, dyslexia or dyspraxia – the more we can broaden our understanding.

Laura was in her 40’s when diagnosed and her diagnosis explained so much – I learnt so much from reading about the challenges she has faced and the ways she has overcome them, from her experiences going through school, starting work developing relationships, having children and developing a successful career.  I learnt about the importance of ‘obsessions’ or ‘special interests’ to people with autism and how important they are at helping them cope with the world.

Whether you are neurodivergent, you have children who are neurodivergent or you support others this book will give you a great insight and understanding.


Thank you @Laura James for sharing your story.