Supporting Senior Leadership Teams

Knowing what motivates staff and students is critical to the success of schools and colleges – everyone achieves more if they are both motivated and engaged. Until now, it has been very difficult to measure motivation and to know what motivates individuals.

Motivational Map reports not only identify what motivates an individual but more importantly how to maintain and improve their engagement. The insight provided through Motivational Maps® can support schools and colleges with leadership and management, teaching, learning and assessment and students with their personal development and career guidance.

Staff Wellbeing

We all know that teachers put

Staff Recruitment and Retention

We all know that as many teachers are leaving the profession as joining at the moment.  We are at crisis point.

We also know that teachers, along with all other staff, don't start a new role unmotivated.  So what can you do to support all your staff?

Motivational Maps provide real direction for staff and students. They provide:

  • Insight to leaders and governors about the organisation’s effectiveness
  • A way for leaders to monitor the progress of learners and ensure that they are engaged and motivated
  • Insightful CPD self-assessment reports which enable staff to reflect on the way that they teach
  • Reports to enable leaders to identify and develop leadership capacity and succession planning
  • Support for performance management processes
  • Ways to evaluate the curriculum and its impact on learners’ outcomes
  • Clear measurements of the level of motivation and engagement of teaching staff and students
  • Increased engagement, particularly for SEND, disadvantaged and disengaged students
  • Support for personal development, behaviour and welfare and valuable insight to support careers guidance
  • Strategies to engage employers and or parents/carers

The insight and information gained from using Motivational Maps support Senior Leadership Teams with meeting Ofsted requirements.

We design and deliver bespoke mapping projects to support senior leadership teams, departments, classes or individual teachers and students.

Click here to see a sample Motivational Map.