The Builder Motivator

Are you highly competitive and driven by a need for possessions or material gain?

Are you highly motivated by having the latest gadgets including learning tools and equipment?

Do you work well for reward and material incentives?

The Builder

Things you can do to improve your Motivation

At work

Take responsibility for events, and look for opportunities to win awards, get involved in work where there are clear opportunities for progression.  Look for opportunities to develop

At home

Get involved with the local community.  Put yourself forward as a spokesperson on subjects you are passionate about.

Set yourself clear goals that you want to achieve.

Your children

Star charts and other incentives work well for children with this motivator.  Consulting with them and seeking their opinion will motivate them as well as supporting them to set goals as they thrive on competition.

Do you want to find out what motivates YOU?

Receive your own 14-page Motivational Map® report to discover not only what motivates you but also if those motivators are being met.

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