The Friend Motivator

Do you need to feel you belong and are a valued member of the 'team'?

Do you like being listened to?

Do you need fulfilling relationships?

Do you like continuity and time to prepare?

The Friend

Things you can do to improve your Motivation

At work

You will enjoy roles where you are involved in projects and working with others.

Make sure you are working for an organisation with a people-centred culture and a good social working environment.  Consider the use of a coach or mentor.

When looking for a job, check out the social aspects of the role.  What do people generally do at lunchtime? Are there social clubs and do people go out for a drink?  You may find it more difficult if there isn't a social aspect of work.

At home

Get involved with the local community.  Make sure you 'connect' with others each day, even if you live alone - go out for a walk or to the shop and make sure you talk to others

Your children

Always try to use their name when talking to them and use connections and activities with friends as incentives.

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