The Defender Motivator

Are you a planner?

Do you like lots of order and routine?

Do you feel happier and more secure if you know what you are going to do and when you are going to do it?

Recognising this is what motivates you is very important


If this rings a bell for you it's important to recognise that if you are in situations where you can't plan, you don't know what to expect or you are never given enough details about pieces of work you have to complete this will be really demotivating for you.

The Defender
Are you like a lighthouse?

Things you can do to improve your Motivation

At work

Look for jobs /careers where you have lots of routine and stability.

You may want to consider careers in accounts or administration to make use of your planning and organisation skills

When looking for work consider the type of organisation as well as the job - people with high defender motivators are likely to find hotdesking quite stressful for example as it doesn't fit with planning order and routine.


At home

Ensure everyone knows you feel better if everything is organised.

If you live with people with low Defender motivators agree what how you are going to manage your different needs.


Your Children

If you recognise the defender as a strong motivator for your child it is important that they are able to and supported to plan and be organised.  (If Defender is a low motivator for you this is likely to frustrate you but this demonstrates well the need for us to understand we  are all motivated by different things)



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