“Motivation lies at the heart of every decision we make and every success we achieve.”

My approach to coaching is unique

  • I provide coaching and mentoring - the balance of which is determined by you - the client.
  • Using the Motivational Map® profiling tool, we discover what is important to give you energy and use that knowledge to support you
  • Where we discover emotional blocks that are stopping you from achieving your goals I provide you with the tools to overcome those blocks, be they limiting beliefs, anxiety, etc

" When I was made redundant I initially turned to Sarah to help me create a new CV. As well as creating a new CV, I completed a Motivational Map which was hugely helpful for me to understand my motivation and what I wanted from my next role. My CV was hugely successful and for 80% of the vacancies I applied for I was offered an interview. Within weeks I’d landed a job that I absolutely love in a completely different sector that I hadn’t considered previously. Sarah is great to work with, she’s professional, friendly and able to get the best out of you. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Plain Sailing Motivation again, it was worth every penny.”
Coaching Client

Motivational Career Coaching & Job Search

We spend so much of our time at work that it is important that we enjoy that time.  Life is too short not too.  We are passionate about supporting you to find a job you will love.
Whether you enjoy the role you do but the environment is wrong, you love your job but you are too far away from home or you no longer enjoy the career you are in we can help.
How do we differ from other career coaches?
As well as understanding the ins and outs of writing job applications and preparing for interviews, we understand there are many emotions that can stop you from getting the job you want - maybe you don't believe you have the skills, your confidence may have been knocked through redundancy or bullying or through taking time out for child care or you may have something stopping you pursuing your goals that you just can't put your finger on.
Rather than simply focusing on the paperwork and supporting you with the job hunting, we can use emotional therapy tools to support you to overcome any limiting beliefs so you can achieve everything you are capable of.

We support you to discover and explore your strengths and skills, find out what motivates you and look at what work would look like if you were in the perfect role for you.

We then take action.  We draw all of the above together and support you in writing a CV that expertly 'sells' you to perspective employers.   If this feels uncomfortable - don't worry - that is what applying for a job is all about.  We support you in doing that.

Having spent many years recruiting, we have read so many CV's and job applications where we know people are not 'selling' themselves effectively.  Writing CV's or filling in application forms is something the majority of people haven't been shown how to do - if you think about it - why do companies pay thousands of pounds to marketing experts?  It's because they have those specialist skills to 'sell'.

We support you to 'market' yourself so that employers can see all of your skills and can see how having your unique set of skills and strengths will add value to their organisation.  Telling prospective employers about what you have done for previous employers isn't what they want to see - they want to know what you can do for them.

We will provide guidance for you on where to look for suitable roles and help you develop your LinkedIN profile (if that is something we decide is appropriate).  We help you to apply for jobs that fit your criteria.

We support you with interview preparation - so that you go into the interview knowing what to expect and you are also able to discover more about the role and whether this is really the right role for you - Yes - Interviews really are a two-way process - they are as much about you discovering if this really is the right role and organisation for you to work in as they are about the employer selecting the right candidate for the role.

So you can get a job that will motivate you and enable you to shine.


We offer a range of packages starting from £125.        Contact us today for a free 1/2 hour discussion.

"Using my Motivational Map® report we discussed roles and organisations that would provide the right stimulus and environment for me to enjoy work. I found this really enlightening and have been using it as a touchstone in my search for jobs"
Melanie (Lang) Wickramasingh, Not-for-profit professional, Melbourne, Australia

Are you facing redundancy?

Being made redundant is quite often a huge shock.  But with the right support, many people find it is something that provides many new and different opportunities.

We work with you to identify your skills, strengths and importantly what motivates you.  Not only do we look at the type of role you will enjoy but importantly we look at the type of environment you will thrive in.

We offer a number of packages including support with writing CV's and LinkedIn profiles, job search and application support and interview preparation.

We provide support to individuals and also work with not for profits and corporates to provide outplacement packages to individuals and groups.

Support can be provided F2F or online.

Contact us today to find out more

Coaching through Life changes

Help Needed
Retirement plan

If you are going or have gone through a big life change, such as a serious illness, redundancy or retirement your life will be different.
Even if this change was through choice, it may be more difficult than you expected.  If the choice didn't feature in the change it will be even more challenging.

You have entered a new phase of your life.

It is so important that you give yourself time to adjust and finding out what motivates you can help you to do this.

We work with you to discover your strengths and look at how we can support you with your emotional and motivational needs to give you a new focus and energy.

"The Mapping report was very accurate and made me realise that my decision to leave my last role was the right one. Many of the things that demotivated me were included within it. The mapping report has made me realise the things I do like to do and what I don't like and to do those first."
Coaching Client