CEIAG (Careers education, Information, Advice and Guidance)


At various stages of their progress towards becoming an adult, young people are faced with difficult and often confusing options;

  • what subjects to pursue towards examinations;
  • whether to leave school or college and seek employment or to remain in further and higher education;
  • what courses and qualifications to undertake;
  • what career options would be best suited to them.

All too often, decisions around these important milestones are focussed on tangible and measurable factors such as assessment marks or predicted grades. Unfortunately, the intangibles of the young person’s suitability for a particular career choice or their personal drivers and aspirations are much harder to measure and are, therefore, often not considered. What actually motivates and excites people is all too often ignored.

How we Work

We use the brilliant Motivational Maps® Youth tool.  We work with classes or individuals to identify what motivates them and understand what makes them tick. We develop their understanding of their motivators and discuss simple, easy to implement strategies, to support them through their final studies and the support them with their decision making.

For example, although a young person with excellent grades in science may have decided to become a medical doctor, Motivational Maps will identify that they may be drawn towards working as part of a team (in which case Anaesthetics may be a good option), or desire to work in a people-centred environment (where becoming a GP might be suitable), or be happiest when working alone (when specialising in Radiography could be appropriate). All three of these alternatives require a medical degree, but each specialty has very different working practices.

The insight gained from understanding their motivators helps young people when applying for jobs. In addition to understanding the type of work that will motivate them, we teach them the importance of consider not only the role but also the type of organisation and environment they would enjoy working in. The understanding and knowledge they gain helps them with understanding others as well as supporting them with job applications, and interviews, enabling them to provide information about how they work and ask questions about the organisation’s culture so they can find roles that are right for them.

Click here to see a sample Motivational Map.

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