Are you a teacher wanting to improve engagement and measure wellbeing?

Discover Simple Techniques To Support and Motivate Your Child


Do you have children in your school who could achieve so much more?

We know that motivation has a direct impact on our levels of wellbeing, motivation and achievement.

We also know that we are all motivated by different things.

How useful would it be if you were able to, cost-effectively and quickly, identify what it is that motivates each and every child in your class and be able to give them tasks that you know will motivate and engage them?

Are you looking to increase parental engagement?

We run 1 & 2 HOUR WORKSHOPS workshops for parents, showing them how, when schools, parents/guardians and children all work together, their children can achieve more.and have all the tools they need to be the best version of themselves.

We deliver these workshops in schools, for parent groups and privately, for up to 6 parents.

Have you ever wondered what motivates and engages your child?

Perhaps it’s being creative, gaining new knowledge or being with friends? Everyone has different intrinsic motivators and engages differently with the world.

Understanding your child’s motivational drivers enables you to support them to become self-reliant, self-motivated, and a lifelong learner who has the world at their feet. EVERYTHING changes. The whole world opens up.

Your understanding of the effect of intrinsic motivators and the impact of these on the language patterns you use enables you to improve your communication, increase their engagement and enhance yours and your child's self-awareness. All of which transform their personal energy and well being.

We use Youth Motivational Maps® to identify what motivates your child/ren and give you simple things you can do to support them to be the best they can.


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