Discover what motivates your staff and customers

Discover simple strategies you can use to support your staff and improve employee engagement and motivation.


Want to know what motivates your customers?  Look no further.

Here's how it works:

We ask insightful questions to discover what drives your staff and/or your clients

Provide you with comprehensive answers that enable you to understand what drives your staff and your customers

Support you in making small changes that make a big difference to your relations and importantly, business performance and sales

Get started today and unlock your motivation.

Why is Motivation so Important

Who can Benefit from Motivational Maps®

High performance is the result of everyone having:

  1. Clear objectives
  2. The correct level of skills for the role
  3. A high level of motivation

Managers can ensure teams have SMART objectives and can recruit staff with the correct skills for the role. However, is not so easy to work out what motivates individuals to come to work. If someone has poor levels of motivation this affects their own health and happiness as well as their performance at work. It also directly impacts on the team’s performance, affecting its ability to provide a high-quality service.

We work with managers and their teams, mapping individuals, providing 1-1 support and delivering workshops to improve individuals understanding of their own motivators, their colleagues’ and their clients or customers, improving relationships, performance and wellbeing.


Understanding your clients wants and needs is often paramount to the success of growing a successful long term business relationship.  Being able to understand the level of detail they require, whether they need time to think things through and the level of risk they are willing to take supports you in being able to develop those relationships

Understanding and developing your greatest asset, your staff, is the key to a happy, healthy and productive workforce. Increase engagement, reduce staff turnover and sickness absence and achieve more today.


We know that many parents struggle to balance home and work needs.  Offering support from a coach who specialises in supporting parents and young people ensures your staff are less stressed and distracted at work.

Security & Stability

Do you enjoy security, stability, safety and predictability and dislike change and surprises?

Strong Relationships

Do you like to belong, to be sociable and well liked? Do you seek friendship and fulfilling do relationships.


Do you like to be recognised for your achievements and enjoy having respect and social esteem?

Being In Charge

Do you like having power, influence, control of people and/or resources? Do you have a clearly defined career path?


Do you enjoy money and material satisfaction?  Do you like having targets?  Are you competitive?

Learning and Development

Do you love learning, enjoy acquiring knowledge and being a specialist?   Do you seek mastery?

Problem Solving and Innovation

Do you seek innovation, identify with new things and enjoy expressing creative potential. You like solving problems.

Freedom and Independence

Do you seek freedom and independence, and dislike being micro-managed? Do you want to set your own priorities?

Making a Difference

Do you seek meaning and need to be making a difference? Do you enjoy helping others?

What people say about us

A survey showed that people found Motivational Maps®:

"The Motivational Mapping workshop was one of the most enlightening & practical training workshops the fundraising team have participated in this year.

Following the workshop, which was both enjoyable and interactive, the team have immediately incorporated this new way of thinking into their everyday approach to working with colleagues and developing supporter communications. It has helped us to understand each other so much better.

The motivational mapping exercise has given the team a much more creative and effective way to approach project planning and management.

As a Manager, it has given me deeper insight and understanding of my team members and how our individual interactions can help to support and motivate each other. It’s been a great tool in prompting me to look more creatively at how we approach our communications and project management in the team."

Amanda Spivack
Head of Fundraising, Wildlife Trust BCN
Chair, Institute of Fundraising, East Anglia Region

"I was intrigued by Motivational Mapping having met Sarah and heard her talking about its power to deliver insight on what energises us as individuals.

After having my Motivational Map done by Sarah I can only say that I am hugely impressed not only with its accuracy but also the insight into my personal motivation. It has caused me to reflect on my career path and given me courage to take the next brave steps based on what I now understand motivates me and gives me job satisfaction.

It is a hugely powerful tool in Sarah's hands and I can see working for all sorts of people, children, parents and organisations, helping them to achieve their full potential- and be happier doing it!"

Sally Bishop
Educational Leadership Coach and Consultant

"The Mapping report was very accurate and made me realise that my decision to leave my last role was the right one. Many of the things that demotivated me were included within it. The mapping report has made me realise the things I do like to do and what I don't like and to do those first."

I really was impressed with your style and approach and how you engaged with them. Thanks again for a really helpful session."

Cirencester Housing

Sarah Stones became an accredited Motivational Map® practitioner in 2015 and is one a small number of practitioners also accredited to use Youth Motivational Maps®.

Motivation lies at the heart of every decision we make and every success we achieve. We are all unique: it’s not our personality or knowledge and skills that drives us, it’s our motivation.

Whatever age you are, whether you are at school, college, work, going through major life changes or heading for retirement, understanding what motivates you enables you, and those supporting you to identify what is important to you.

Once we receive your booking we will send you your unique link to complete the online questionnaire and arrange a suitable time for your debrief.