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Let us tell you about Plain Sailing Motivation.

The name Plain Sailing comes from my love of sailing and an idea to combine that with my business logo. A session online googling terms didn’t take very long when Google returned the following meaning when I searched for plain sailing. The definition sums up, in my belief, what support services (and life in general!)  should be all about:

Plain Sailing Definition

“I dislike the term Human Resources, because humans are not resources. We are all individuals.”

I’m passionate about helping people to shine. My years of experience in HR and working with charities, social enterprises, and SME’s has enabled me to help people from all walks of life increase their motivation, productivity, and enhance their outlook on life. I set up Plain Sailing Motivation after a successful battle with breast cancer, when I realised life is too short not to be doing what you want to do, and I set out to help others to shine.

I have an enquiring mind and a natural inquisitiveness in people, stemming from my degree in business studies. I add value to any organisation I work with – troubleshooting and then helping others to resolve any issues in the best way for all parties.

I also understand the many challenges faced by people with disabilities, as I’ve always lived with a disability. This has never stopped me doing anything I’ve wanted and been motivated to do, and achieve.

As well as working with businesses and individuals, I work closely with schools and with parents/guardians to support children and have a special interest in supporting children and adults with special educational needs. Plain Sailing Motivation believes strongly in working collaboratively with clients and with other organisations to ensure that the correct support is provided and that there is continuity of service and the best possible outcomes are achieved.



I became a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps® in 2015, to help people to find out what motivates them and, importantly, give them strategies to maintain and improve their motivation.

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