9 Motivational Drivers

There are 9 things that drive us – Look below to see what they are. Think about which of these motivational drivers you relate to most strongly.

The 9 Motivational Drivers


The Defender wants security, stability and  safety. They enjoy predictability and dislike change and surprises.


The Friend likes to belong, to be sociable and well liked. They seek friendship and fulfilling relationships.


The Star wants to be recognised for their achievements. They seek respect and social esteem.


The Director likes power, influence, control of people and/or resources. They value having a clearly defined career path.


The Builder seeks money and material satisfaction. They enjoy having targets and are competitive.


The Expert seeks specialisation. They enjoy acquiring knowledge and being a specialist.


The Creator seeks innovation, identification with new, expressing creative potential. They enjoy solving problems.


The Spirit seeks freedom and independence, and dislikes being micro managed. They enjoy setting their own priorities, managing their own time and making their own decisions.


The Searcher seeks meaning and needs to be making a difference. They enjoy helping others and need plenty of feedback and reassurance.

People are not driven by what they do, they are driven by why they do what they do. Motivational Maps® are a powerful tool that identifies which of the nine motivational drivers are important to you at the current time. Your unique Motivational Maps® report enables you to see which of these nine drivers are being met and provides strategies for maintaining and improving your motivation. Contact us now to obtain your own unique report.